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Our Products

Application of Use

Modern electrical systems are becoming ever more complex. In order to protect sensitive circuitry, application-specific security solutions are in high demand. Solutions, moreover, at the same time need to be ergonomically designed and user friendly. It is for these solutions that SCHURTER provides a broad range of components in two categories: general-purpose products, and products geared to various industrial sectors, fulfilling specific individual requirements. And on top of it all, SCHURTER guarantees excellent customer care, optimal availability, top-level quality, compact solutions, outstanding design and an ideal price-performance ratio.

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  • Solaranlage_Dach_Web


    SCHURTER bietet sowohl ein breites Angebot an international zugelassenen Bauteilen, sowie kundenspezifische Lösungen, welche in zuverlässigen Energieversorgungssystemen eingesetzt werden

  • Medical_horizontal_1508

    Medical Equipment

    SCHURTER components for high-grade medical equipment come into use wherever certified and perfectly safe solutions are in demand.

  • Aerospace_Bruno_Zemp_Benjamin_Schibli_Verkehrshaus

    Aviation and Space Technology

    SCHURTER provides zero defect solutions to meet the highly specific requirements of electronic systems used on aircraft, satellites and spacecraft.

  • Serverraum

    Data and Communication

    Data Center application requires standardized high quality components and optimized assembly processes in order to ensure zero defect.

  • Automotive_horizontal_1508


    SCHURTER meets the needs of a quickly evolving market and its specific requirements.

  • Industry_horizontal_1508

    Industrial Electronics

    SCHURTER offers a vast range of internationally approved components for use in almost any industrial equipment.

New Products

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  • PSE_RGB_8_Pressebild_1

    PSE and MCS 30 multicolor switch with status display

    Metal Line Switches with Multicolor illumination and variable input voltage.

    SCHURTER is expanding its PSE, piezo metal switch and MCS 30, mechanical metal switch series, with new illumination possibilities powered by variable input voltages. Based on the used RGB color technology, it’s now possible to indicate up to seven illumination color options with just one ...

  • UMK_250_3404_24xx_xx_SGE_GS_PG_01_Pressebild_1

    Ultra small space- saving fuse and fuseholder

    SCHURTER is expanding its range of surface mount fuses with the introduction of the UMK 250 series. The quick-acting characteristic of this fuse is in accordance with IEC 60127-4, providing the logical addition to the existing UMZ 250 time-lag series. The UMK 250 provides primary and secondary ...

  • FPG4_SGE_GS_PG02_Sicherungshalter_Fuseholder

    Components with elevated glow-wire ratings

    When it comes to household appliances used in unattended operation, the provisions of standard IEC 60335-1 have in the past few years placed higher requirements regarding glow-wire ignition temperature (GWIT). These more stringent requirements thus also apply to installed components such as ...

  • V_Lock_transparent_Medical_Hospital_Grade_Cordset_SGE_GST_PG07_Geraeteanschlussleitung_C13_Dose_5707_PS206_H_VAC13KS_H_NEMA5_15_6051_2121_2131

    V-Lock: cavo di alimentazione di tipo ospedaliero

    I nuovi cavi di alimentazione con dispositivo di blocco V-Lock di SCHURTER impediscono un'interruzione di corrente involontaria negli apparecchi medicali

  • FMER_Sol_SGE_EMV_PG80_Einbaufilter_Dreiphasig_Pressebild_1

    FMER SOL: High-current DC filters

    SCHURTER is expanding its successful FMER series of high-current filters with a model for high power. The entire series is now available without grounding capacitors for safety-related applications.

For safe power supply and ease of use

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  • SGE_GS_Gerätesicherungen_Auswahlbild_Gross_OGN

    Circuit Protection

    SCHURTER Protection, encloses fuse-links and circuit breaker for equipment in resettable and non-resettable versions. The products protect electric and electronic equipment against overcurrent. Varistors and undervoltage protection are used for over- resp. under-voltage protection.

  • SGE_GST_PG05_Gerätesteckerkombielemente_ohne_Filter_DC21_Neuproduktfoto


    The SCHURTER equipment connector line comprises a wide variety of connectors according to IEC 60320. Our broad range of components, which may be supplemented with additional functional features, is rounded off by power cords as well as a large selection of test, DC, DIN, data and signal plugs ...

  • MSM_Ringbeleuchtung_Produkt_Merkmal_klein


    SCHURTER develops and manufactures switches and buttons with micro switches, piezo elements, switches with mechanical latching, metal buttons and keyboards, and display elements.

  • FMBC_Merkmal_klein

    EMC products

    SCHURTER provides a wide range of standard products ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Products include single and three phase line filters with or without IEC power entry module, chokes, pulse transformers and driver modules.

  • Multibox_Detail_A

    Other Products

    SCHURTER manufactures and distributes high-current and other electrical installation material. Also all discontinued products will be listed, that the necessary technical specifications are still available.

  • SMD_PCB_Leiterplatte_Transformator

    Customer Specific Solutions

    SCHURTER manufactures in addition to standard products on demand customized designs.

Quality and Approvals

SCHURTER guarantees consistent high quality and absolute reliability in each and every one of its products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, as well as our up-to-date technical know-how assures that we can fulfil our motto: “Safe Power – Ease of Use.” Our products carry all major country-specific approvals such as VDE, ENEC, UL, CSA, CCC, METI or KTL.

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