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AAEON Fanless Embedded Box PC

A complete line of embedded fanless computers

AAEON offers a full range of fanless embedded BOX PC ("Boxer") computers of all sizes for applications in transportation, entertainment, environmental and industrial monitoring, biometrics, industrial manufacturing, food automation control and surveillance management, construction automation and other IPC areas. CPU, DRAM and minicard are easily accessible and installable, and each BOX PC offers a wide range of expansion options. Designed for longevity and resilience, BOX PCs are durable, highly scalable and applicable for extreme environments such as factories, and feature a simple and highly flexible interface. Designed to optimize industrial automation processes, such as factory control and product lifecycle management, all Box PCs are reliable, flexible and low maintenance; they are the perfect choice for artificial vision architecture. AAEON's machine vision solutions are comprehensive. In addition to producing vision controllers, AAEON collaborates with various partners for cameras such as Basler, FLIR, IDS and Baumer, and distributors of artificial vision software such as Mvtec Merlic and Halcon. AAEON's Box Pc are compatible with CameraLink and CoaXpress image capture cards, since AAEON has collaborated with Euresys on these technologies. AAEON's quality assurance tests always follow strict protocols to ensure that controllers, cameras and software systems can work together seamlessly and with full compatibility.

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