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Our Linecard: all the products and services we can offer you

SCHURTER, e-Mech, sensors, wireless, IoT, visualizations, embedded and smart terminals.

SCHURTER components


The SCHURTER protection range includes protection systems suitable for different types of equipment: fuses (resettable and non-resettable), circuit breakers and panel fuse holders, Shock safe, for medical applications and much more.


SCHURTER's "connection" line offers a wide variety of connectors that are certified according to IEC 60320. The products in this range can also be used for 400 VDC applications and they are fit for the V-Lock technology.


SCHURTER develops and manufactures switches and pushbuttons with microswitch and piezo technology. The range includes both momentary and latching switches, and also IP40-IP65 and Atex products.


In the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) SCHURTER supplies a wide range of standard products, including single-phase line filters (with or without IEC input modules), three-phase filters, wound coils and transformers.

e-Mech: electromechanics

TE - Connectors

NKK - Switches

Weipu - Connectors

Bivar - Lightpipes

Taiway - Switches

Koratech - Flat cables

Makersan - Mechatronics

Cama System - Cable Management

Linemaster - Foot Switches

XW-Etlink - Connectors

Kinsun - Connectors

SCI - Switches

Chinfa - Power Supplies

Feller - Power Cords

Powered Wireless: modules, services, IoT, batteries, air moving

2j - Antennas

BIT is Italian Technology - RF

Move-X - Wireless

Radiocrafts - Wireless

Zerynth - IoT

Zaward - Fans

CCHV - Fans

EWT - Batteries

Smart Embedded Display

Variscite - Embedded

MAS Elettronica - Tailor-made embedded

congatec - Hi-end embedded

Powertip - Smart displays and embedded

4D Systems - Smart terminals

DLC - TFTs and OLEDs

Lumineq - Ruggend and laminated/transparent

Bolymin - Monochromatics

Inolux - Leds

Futaba - OLEDs

DKE Group - E-papers


Xiamen Ocular - Custom monochromatic custom

Yeebo - TFTs

Frida - TFTs

Formike - TFTs

Goldenvision - TFTs and OLEDs

AMT - Touch panels


TT Electronics - Optek

TE Sensor Solutions - Gentech + SMI

Linear Systems - Jfets

Opto Diode - Diodes

HYB - Pressure sensors

OptaSensor - Microcameras

Comepa - Thermal switches

Misensor - Position and motion sensors

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