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NINA-B31 series, Stand-alone Bluetooth 5 low energy modules

The NINA-B31 series are small, stand-alone Bluetooth low energy wireless microcontroller unit (MCU) modules.

NINA-B31 features full Bluetooth 5, a powerful Arm Cortex -M4 with FPU, and state-of-the-art power performance. The embedded low power crystal in NINA-B31 improves the power consumption by enabling optimal power save modes.

The NINA-B31 modules are delivered with u-blox connectivity software that provides support for u-blox Bluetooth low energy Serial Port Service, GATT client and server, beacons, NFC, and simultaneous peripheral and central roles – all configurable from a host using AT commands. The NINA-B31x modules provide top grade security, thanks to secure boot, which ensures the module only boots up with original u-blox software.

NINA B31 caters to applications in smart buildings, smart cities, and the Industry 4.0, including smart lighting systems, industrial sensor networks, asset tracking solutions, and building automation systems.

NINA-B312 comes with an internal antenna while NINA-B311 has a pin for use with an external antenna. The internal PIFA antenna is specifically designed for the small NINA form factor and provides an extensive range, independent of ground plane and component placement. The NINA-B31 series is globally certified for use with the internal antenna or a range of external antennas. This greatly reduces time, cost, and effort for customers integrating NINA-B31 in their designs.

Key highlights

• Full Bluetooth 5 with long range

• Feature rich, out-of-the box connectivity software

• Hardware optimized for performance and low power consumption

• Pin compatible with other NINA modules

• Superior security functionality with built-in secure boot

• Multiple antenna options

prod //cdn.schurter.com NINA-B31-1-109358-224986