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New barometric sensor from SMI

The SM1111-EEG-S-115-000 is an absolute pressure sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure (BAP).

It includes a piezo-resistive die and a signal processing IC, which performs amplification and thermal compensation of the pressure sensor output signal to provide a linear and thermally stable signal output. The sensor provides calibrated output data with an analog or digital 16Bit SPI or I2C type voltage output. The pressure range from 15 to 115 kPa is mapped linearly to the nominal output range. Sensor-specific calibration data, configuration and product ID are stored in a built-in Non-Volatile Memory.

• Fully integrated and compensated pressure sensor

• Absolute pressure measurement: 15 - 115 kPa

• Full temperature compensation for accuracy of ±1.0 % at full scale

• Analog output with wide linear range

• The I2C or SPI digital data interface provides measurements, diagnostics, ID data and controls:

1. pressure output, 16-bit resolution

2. temperature output (internal sensor), 16-bit resolution

3. sensor diagnostics (health status)

4. shutdown control: Sleep mode selected by I2C

5. Unique device ID

6. Two I2C slave addresses via PIN code

• 2 16-bit ADCs for the acquisition of pressure and temperature inputs; pressure acquired at 20 kS/s

• High Resolution Digital/Analogue Converter (DAC)

• Sensor diagnosis, sensor power wiring, and NVM checksum check at power-up

• Supply voltage 5.0 V +/- 0.5V

• Wide operating temperature range -40 to + 125°C

• Qualified Automotive acc. to AEC-Q100

prod //cdn.schurter.com SMI-Sensore-Barometrico-1-111572-232503