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OPB9000 TT Electronics

TT Electronics - Optek introduces the Photologic device OPB9000 optical reflection sensor for industrial and medical applications. The sensor provides reliable edge detection and reflective media presence under a wide range of ambient light conditions.

The OPB9000, built by the OPTEK division, is suitable for a variety of applications including: industrial printers, dispensing, production automation, security devices, portable labs/medical equipment.

"In designing and developing the OPB9000, TT Electronics has used its Photologic® design heritage with over 35 years of experience and 10 million units sold globally," said David Kertes, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, TT Electronics. "We've faced a number of real-world challenges that affect sensor design and their ability to perform at the highest level with this product.

The OPB9000 is a reflective CMOS logic output sensor with programmable sensitivity, polarity and output type. Unparalleled ambient light immunity of 25+ Kilolux and a wide operating temperature range positions the OPB9000 above the competition. The auto-calibration function avoids the need for constant recalibration required due to LED aging, saving valuable time and effort. Temperature compensation and automatic gain control functions enable reliable operation in the most demanding and dynamic environmental conditions where the consistent performance of the sensor devices is critical. The 6╬╝s response time ensures high speed detection for very fast applications.

Designs using standard analog circuits can be extremely complex, with additional external components requiring additional space and cost. The OPB9000 is designed to eliminate circuit complexity and reduce board space by up to 80% with fully integrated analog front-end and digital interface. It combines an infrared emitter and logic sensor integrated in a miniature 4.0 x 2.2 mm x 1.5 mm SMD pakage.

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