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Radiocrafts, wireless solutions for the industrial world

Radiocrafts develops, manufactures and markets powerful, high-quality and cost-effective standard RF modules for use in a variety of short-range wireless applications.

The Wireless M-BUS (wMBUS) is a very robust, energy-efficient protocol developed as a standardized solution for wireless meetering (EN 13757). The key considerations have always been low consumption, allowing the use of batteries and a high level of safety to meet the requirements of the meter market. This makes the wMBUS the ideal solution for AMR, but also for any industrial application that needs a secure, robust and low power wireless connection. Use of an RF module ensures compliance with standards and regulations. An RF module from Radiocrafts always responds to the latest additions and developments in both CEN and WHO radio standards.

A Wireless M-Bus network is very easy to set up, if configuration is required. In the simplest case, the Meter is a unidirectional transmitter and the Concentrator or Player is the receiver. In principle, the receiver can receive data from any counter that sends a valid Wireless M-Bus message. Or the receiver can record the unique addresses of each instrument and filter the data according to it. Data encryption will of course guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the data, preventing data from being understood or manipulated even if the message can be received by any radio.

The RC17XX family represents an updated version of the RC11 series, which includes the Ultra Narrowband radio for the best noise resilience. High Power (HP) versions are also available. The MBUS4 protocol supports the N mode variant (169 MHz) of the standard as specified in Preliminary Standard EN 13757-4 (2013). The MBUS4 is similar to the MBUS3, with the addition of the Master that supports 256 slaves internally and more than 1000 slaves externally recorded on the host. In addition, for the Italian market, the RC17XX family includes part 11-4 (communication profile) of document UNI/TS 11291-11-4 of the CIG Interchangeability Task Force.

prod //cdn.schurter.com RC17XX-MBUS4-109366-225329