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The SCHURTER History

The Swiss technology business SCHURTER was founded in 1933

The SCHURTER History

The SCHURTER company was founded in 1933 by Heinrich Schurter as a limited partnership and transformed into a stock corporation in 1949. In 1990 the establishment of SCHURTER Holding AG, still existing today, took place with headquarters in Lucerne (Switzerland).

In January 2015 Hans-Rudolf Schurter handed over the operative management of the SCHURTER Group to Ralph Müller.

To secure its position as a leading innovator and producer of electronic components the SCHURTER Group has expanded significantly through acquisitions in recent years.

05/05/2020 - Changes to the Board of Directors

Hans-Rudolf Schurter, Chairman of the Board of the long-established Lucerne-based technology ompany SCHURTER, hands over the sceptre to his younger brother Thomas Schurter on 1 May 2020.

After almost 35 years success in leading positions including CEO of the technology business, Hans-Rudolf Schurter is retiring. The reason for this is not due to a lack of enthusiasm for his duties, but to the company's Articles of Association. According to these statutes, the term of office of a member on the Board of Directors of SCHURTER Holding AG ends at the Annual General Meeting following the completion of his 70th year of age.

Dr. Thomas Schurter: Chairman of the Board of Directors of SCHURTER Holding AG

01/01/2020 - AKI ELECTRONIC becomes SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o.

As part of the further integration into the SCHURTER Group, AKI ELECTRONIC spol. s r.o. changes its name to SCHURTER Electronics spol. s r.o. as of January 1, 2020. The company address, company entry, VAT identification number and bank account number remain unchanged.

AKI ELECTRONIC was acquired by the SCHURTER Group in 2017. Since that time, AKI ELECTRONIC solutions have been managed by Input Systems.

21/12/2018 - 5 years of Solutions

The Solutions business unit began operations 5 years ago. And it grew quickly. This is reason enough to look back on the early beginnings.

The idea of providing overall solutions isn't just 5 years old. For proof one needs only to leaf through the pages of SCHURTER's history. Back in the days when Strategy 18 was devised, it was clear that SCHURTER AG would transform from purely a component supplier to a system supplier as well.

12/12/1942 - Founding of Personal Care Foundation

Heinrich Schurter founds the SCHURTER personal Care Foundation.

15/11/1933 - Foundation of the company H. SCHURTER & Cie

November the 15. 1933, Brave Heinrich Schurter founds the SCHURTER Cie. company as a limited ship for manufacturing of electromechanical components.

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