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5121 IEC C14 Applicance with Inlet Filter

SCHURTER launches a new very compact filter series with the 5121 appliance inlet filter. An IEC C14 inlet is surrounded by a closed metal housing and thus effectively shields the mains input. The new filter series is available as a standard or medical technology version for a rated current up to 10 A / 15 A with wire connections.

The mains input is often a critical opening in the housing. Interference via the power cables and interference radiated through the opening gets into, or out of the housing. The new 5121 appliance inlet filter series offers a very compact solution to prevent interference.


The new filter family is especially suitable for applications with very small installation depths that require high-frequency filtering of the mains input at the same time. The 5121 appliance inlet filter reliably shields high-frequency interference conducted through cables or radiated thanks to a completely closed metal shield and capacitors. Interference in the lower frequency range can be reliably attenuated with additional capacitors and chokes on the PCB. Especially the interferences in the low frequency range < 10 MHz are mainly conducted through the cables, which means that the filter components do not necessarily have to be located at the mains input and can simply be placed on the printed circuit board. SCHURTER offers a wide range of current-compensated and linear chokes for this purpose.
Typical applications are medical, laboratory, audio- and video equipment and industrial systems.

Multiple mounting versions

The new filter series is available in three mounting versions: Screw mounting from the front side with plastic flange, screw mounting from the front or rear side with metal flange and snap-in mounting from the front side. All variants guarantee optimal electrical contact of the mounting panel thanks to the wide metal flange. The closed filter housing acts as optimal shielding of the mains input.


The 5121 series is certified for currents up to 10 A/250 VAC according to IEC and 15 A according to UL/CSA at 125/250 VAC. It has ENEC, CQC and cURus approvals.

5121 Appliance with Inlet Filter
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