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EcoVadis – Silver at the first attempt!

SCHURTER AG, headquarter of the SCHURTER Group, has received the silver rating at its first attempt. The EcoVadis rating is an important tool that helps companies to evaluate and continuously improve their sustainability performance.

EcoVadis is an independent platform that rates suppliers and service providers based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Globally across all industries.

Measuring sustainability performance

EcoVadis offers companies the opportunity to measure and compare their own sustainability performance. Through a rating, they thus receive an objective assessment based on internationally recognized standards. This enables them to identify strengths and weaknesses and take targeted measures to optimize them.

Significance in everyday business

A growing number of companies require their suppliers and partners to have an EcoVadis rating to ensure that they meet the required sustainability standards. A good rating can therefore facilitate access to new business opportunities and markets.


The SCHURTER EcoVadis rating is published on a platform accessible only to registered users, allowing customers, investors and other stakeholders to view the company's sustainability performance. Transparency promotes and supports the development of a sustainable economy.

Silver at the first attempt!

The fact that SCHURTER AG was honored with a silver rating on its very first participation can be seen as an excellent sign. The long-standing sustainability efforts of SCHURTER AG have thus been rewarded. A great success!

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