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THS among winners of Product of the Year 2023 award

SCHURTER THS is among the winners of the Electronic Product Design & Test Products of the Year 2023

True innovation in electronic components stems from envisioning the application need and expertly applying the solution to successfully advance the end product.

Such is the innovation with SCHURTER’s THS – Touchless Hidden Switch. How can you possibly actuate a hidden switch? The THS with ToF optical sensor technology is concealed behind any surface and requires only a small viewing window in the user interface to actuate the sensor with a wave of the hand. The THS breaks through conventional panel mount switch limitations to eliminate mounting holes and offer interface designers more creative freedom in panel design.


  • Equipped with cutting-edge optical ToF sensor technology

  • Design kit: Program detection distance, time and illumination preferences

  • Switching current and voltage max. 100 mA at 42 VAC / 60 VDC

  • 30x30 mm switch easily mounts behind panel using 3M adhesive tape

  • RGB multicolor surface illumination; supply voltage 5-28 VDC

  • Lifetime of 100 million switching cycles

  • Insensitive to water and daylight irradiation

  • Touchless actuation prevents spread of pathogens

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