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Video to Describe the Search Function

The video provides a summary of the search logic and further it demonstrates the functionality of the various integrated search functions.

In particular, the special searches are explained in detail.

You can use the full KEVIN SCHURTER site search by filling the in text field in the upper right area of the screen and then pressing enter or clicking on the magnifying lens.


The search is based on a full-text search that can be customized as shown in the following examples.

Search exactly the term

"UMT 250"


search both terms (OR operation)

UMT 250

UMT OR 250

search both terms (AND)


Search only the first term and exclude the second one

UMT AND !250

Wild Cards

Wild cards are also supported in both terms, phrases, and exact phrases using "*" to match zero, one or more characters, and "?" to match a single character. "*" may appear on its own and implies Google style "anywhere after" Wildcard pattern can be combined with the "=" prefix for identifier based pattern matching.

For example:







All entries for CD-Bowdencable

Wild Cards können nicht in Kombination mit Hochkomma genutzt werden. - Hier würde nach dem jeweilig verwendeten Zeichen gesucht. Bsp.: Die Suche nach "U*250" ergibt keine Resultate.

Wildcards can not be used in combination with a upper comma. - The query would use it as a character. E.g.: The search for "U*250" does not show any results.

Search areas / Restriction Result

A number of selectable tabs will be returned by the search. Each tab will contain the number of hits displayed in brackets e.g. (4). A (-) indicates that the number of hits cannot be calculated because the sub search is working on from an external service.


The search looks for content in the currently selected language. If the results are not satisfying, it is possible to broaden the search to all the languages available in the site by clicking at the bottom of any tab the "search in all the available languages" link.

The results are sorted by date and relevance.

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