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JFET for professional audio

JFET for professional audioThe strong cooperation between SCHURTER and Linear Systems, a leading manufacturer of sensors for high-end audio products and precision instrumentation, continues. Here is a selection of the latest products: JFETs and much more.


The LSK389 is a high-end ultra-low-noise JFET. It is compact, has a dual N-channel, is available in four Idss grades and is suitable for ultra-high-end audio and sensor applications.Available in the SOIC package, it is available 100% noise-measured so that each individual part tested can achieve specific noise levels.


The LSK170 is the counterpart of the LSK 389 with a single N-channel, but it achieves similar ultra-low-noise performance. Particularly suited to low-voltage applications, the LSK170 is used in a wide range of contexts, from studio microphone management to sound buoys.


The LSK489 is a high-performance dual N-channel JFET with high low-noise performance in a low input capacitance design. The LSK489 is suitable for ultra-high-end applications, so much so that it is used for the front-end amplification of the Large Scale Synoptic Telescope, the world's largest reflecting telescope.


The LSK189 is the single N-channel counterpart to the LSK489, and it is an ultra-low-noise JFET with a low input capacitance design. It is suitable for applications such as sonic imaging, audio amplifiers (and preamplifiers), acoustic sensors, microphones, sound buoys, hydrophones, chemical and radiation detectors.


The LSJ689 is the compact, dual P-channel counterpart to the LSK489. It is the only dual P-channel JFET currently in production and is suitable for designing solutions with other complementary JFETs (N-channel/P-channel).


The LSJ74 is the single P-channel counterpart to the LSK170 and delivers ultra-low noise performance. It is suitable for designing applications involving single JFETs (N-channel/P-channel), which are popular in the DIY community.

LSJ and LSK series
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