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SCHURTER Electronics Filial Sweden

We are your access point in the Nordics to the full product and service portfolio of the SCHURTER Group.

SCHURTER Electronics Filial Sweden

Circuit Protection | Connectors | Switches | EMC Products | Input Systems | Solutions. We offer the combined knowledge and services of the whole SCHURTER group to fulfil your requirements.

Our Products and Solutions

We offer you the expertise of our global engineering if you need customizing, have question regarding our certificates and Standards or you need assistance in EMC testing of your application. Depending on the type of project you have, we will organize the correct team to properly supply the correct solution, be it for Components, Input Systems or Solutions. Further we’re also your partner if you need to setup a global agreement for the products and services you need from SCHURTER.

About us

SCHURTER Electronics in Sweden was established already in 1981 and was one of the first subsidiaries to SCHURTER Holding AG.

In the beginning, also manufacturing of fuses was integrated in the Swedish business by the acquiring of Prestoteknik AB in 1982. But since end of the eighties focus is purely on sales and distribution of the SCHURTER products on the Nordic market.

Over time, the product portfolio has expanded from Components to more complex products like integrated customized Input Systems with Touchscreens and ready Solutions where we offer the combined knowledge and services of the whole SCHURTER group to fulfil the specific requirements of the customer, be it challenges in design, logistics or technical specification fulfillment.

Our Contact Persons in Sweden are ready to help you

Henrik Löth-Nielsen

Account Manager

Kristian Ölander

Sales and Projects

Muna Hassan

Marketing Coordinator


  • Managing Director: Rien Grotenhuis

  • Chairman of the board: Martin Zarges

  • Data Protection Officer: Kristian Ölander

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